Here are several techniques to use to create a good password. Please, do not use any of these as yours!

Noskian algorithm Take a word that describes your favorite food or hobby and intersperse numbers and special characters. For example, start with apple, add a special character, capitalize at least one letter, and add your two lucky numbers to make:


Or start with tennis and turn it into te10N*ns

First letter of song or saying Use the first letters of a poem, song, or saying. For example, mHal!8fw is an eight character password created from "Mary Had A Little Lamb. Its Fleece Was..."
Pronounceable syllables Make up a nonsense word from pronounceable syllables. For example: phUn&n2E (fun-ny)
Alternating sounds Alternate between consonants and vowels to construct nonsense words that are usually pronounceable, and thus easily remembered. For example: rout + bo becomes rouT2bo!
quod + pop becomes quOd4p*P
Interleaving Embed or interleave two or more words, interspersing numbers and special characters. This technique is not for everyone. Embedding and interleaving comes easily to some people but the combinations are impossible for others to remember easily. For example: kitten + dog becomes ki9dot#N cat + dog becomes c&Da0tg

Tip:Create a password that you can type quickly, without having to look at the keyboard. This makes it harder for someone to steal it by watching over your shoulder.