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Campus Wireless Network

AirOrangeX, the wireless network at Syracuse University, runs on both the 802.11ac and the 802.11n standards with eventual migration to all 802.11ac. To take full advantage of the campus wireless environment, choose a new computer with a network adapter (also known as a NIC) that supports 802.11ac.

The following NIC specifications will also work on SU’s network, but will never be able to take full advantage of 802.1ac modes used at SU:

  • a/g/n
  • a/g
  • g/n
  • g

Buying a Student computer at the SU Bookstore

  • Students can start shopping for a computer at the SU Bookstore.
  • The SU Bookstore is located in the Schine Student Center. The computer department is located on the second floor of the store.
  • All computers meet the technical recommendations of the University's schools and colleges at competitive prices.  Computers are SU network-ready.
  • SU Bookstore staff can assist students to ensure that the computers they are purchasing meet school and college recommendations.

In addition, the Bookstore offers:
  • 'CUSE TECH, an in-store Apple Authorized Service Provider and Dell Certified Repair Center offering in- and out-of-warranty service and repairs.
  • Customized computer configurations for students in the School of Architecture.
  • Safeware Extended Service Plans to provide 4-year coverage from purchase date with accidental damage protection for any make computer.

Bookstore staff are happy to create a custom system to meet your specific needs. Latest information, current promotions, educational prices, and special computer bundles can be found on the Bookstore web site at

Computer Software at the Bookstore
  • The SU Bookstore also stocks a wide-range of software packages that are used in many of the University's academic programs.
  • Students can purchase this software at educational prices, which are typically significantly lower than suggested retail prices.
  • More information on software prices is available on the Bookstore's Web site.

Computer peripherals and accessories at the Bookstore


SU does not provide computing cables. Students will need to bring all necessary cables:

  • You'll need an Ethernet cable for any network-enabled TVs, Apple TVs, Google TVs, Roku, and similar devices, including wireless game consoles (i.e., Xbox, Playstation), and if you want the option of a wired connection for your computer. Except for your computer, none of these are supported on the wireless network.
  • Remember to bring a USB cable to connect your WiFi wireless printer, if you have one. These printers can interfere with the wireless network and don’t work on campus. However, bluetooth wireless printers will work fine.
  • If you bring a TV you'll need a coaxial cable to connect it. If your TV is internet-capable, bring an Ethernet cable.

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