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Information Technology and Services provides the University community with wired and wireless network (AirOrangeX) services that enable the transport of voice, data, and video across the campus and to the Internet.

The NetID and password are the keys to the University's computing network services and systems, enabling students, faculty, and staff to access such services as MySlice, AirOrangeX, Blackboard, SUmail, and the Public Computer labs. Information about activating your NetID and password is available on the NetID Web page.

Residential students connect to the University network through SU's high-speed wired residential network and through AirOrangeX, SU's wireless network. Information about connecting to the Internet is available on the Residential Networking Web page.

Special Note: Apple Airport Time Capsules

Students who live off campus can connect to the Internet and the SU network by subscribing to an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP).