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ITS Haiti Team Weathered the Storm

Aug 19, 2011 10:55 AM

SU's ITS Team at Inaghei, HaitiA group of Syracuse University students, faculty and staff visited Port-au-Prince, Haiti, July 30-Aug. 6 to begin the first phase of an information technology outreach project between SU and the State University in Haiti (UEH). Despite challenges posed by Tropical Storm Emily, by Friday night the group had managed to install wireless networks on three of the 11 UEH campuses—the engineering school, the law school and the School of International Relations and Administration—and had trained UEH support staff on how to get the most out of their exciting new campus resource. 

SU students at work in HaitiThe wireless networking equipment installed by the group was donated by SU and Bluesocket Corp. This trip marked the first step in developing an overall IT framework for UEH with help from SU’s Information Technology and Services (ITS) department. The ITS project is part of a larger collaboration initiated by the SU Haiti Support Committee, a faculty group formed last spring. This partnership, arranged with the executive council of UEH, also includes a student exchange program in which six graduates of UEH will be attending SU to earn master’s degrees in accounting, engineering and information technology. 

During the recent trip, SU students were able to tour parts of Port-au-Prince and meet with their counterparts at UEH. Pictures, video and first-hand accounts of the week can be found on the students’ project blog:

The ITS team returned home late on Saturday, August 6. Channel 9 interviewed some of the students for their Sunday 8/7/11 newscast. Check out the The Post-Standard article that ran in the August 5, 2011 edition. 

ITS plans to coordinate a return trip to Haiti in the fall to continue connecting UEH campuses. Other plans may include setting up a computer lab and arranging training workshops for UEH IT staff and engineering students. 

The participating SU team members include: 

  • Students: Shivesh Harish Ganotra, Dan Littlepage and Kshitij Rajan Mahant from the School of Information Studies; Caleb Brewer, Stephann Dubois and Brian Michaud from the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science; and Christina Morrissey from the College of Visual and Performing Arts.
  • Staff and Faculty: Christopher Sedore, vice president of information technology and chief information officer; Peter Morrissey, director of networking; Lee Badman, information technology analyst; and Achille Messac, distinguished professor and chair of mechanical and aerospace engineering at L.C. Smith.
  • SU Haiti Support Committee: Linda Carty, associate professor of African American Studies in The College of Arts and Sciences; Jean Jonassaint, associate professor of French and Francophone Studies in Arts & Sciences; Bonnie Ryan, associate librarian at Syracuse University Library; and Paula Johnson, professor at the College of Law.  

For more information on the project, contact Amy Bonilla, project manager, at

Article by: Amy Bonilla

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