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Adobe ETLA

The University participates in Adobe's Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA). The ETLA is a three year membership agreement that provides licensing for Creative Cloud Enterprise.

Category: Utilities, graphics

Notes: Subscription service

Vendor Information

Vendor: Adobe
Software website:

License Information

Current version: Varies by application within the Creative Cloud Enterprise product
General OS support:
License renewal type: Limited
License effective dates: June 1st through May 31st


Product Use Rights

Terms of Use: Customer will have the right (a) to install one copy of the Product and Service on an Enterprise-owned Computer for each Faculty Member and each Staff Member; (b) the right to install a copy of the Product and Service on each Enterprise-owned Computer in computer labs and classrooms for use by Students, as well as Staff Members and Faculty Members in performance of their job duties; and (c) if Customer has purchased Work at Home rights for Eligible Home Users, the right to install one copy of the Product and Service on one Computer owned by each Eligible Home User for use; up to the number permitted/ purchased.

Faculty/Staff Home Use: The primary user of the Enterprise-owned Computer on which the Product and Service is licensed may install a second copy of the Product and Service for his or her exclusive use on his or her personal computer, provided that the Product and Service on the personal computer is not used at the same time as the Product and Service on an Enterprise-owned computer. The second copy of the Product and Service must be used solely for the benefit and business of the University.


Institutional Licenses For Faculty/Staff: ITS's ETLA provides a limited number of licenses for University owned or leased computers. Please contact your departments Distributed Staff Personnel for license availability.

Student Licenses: Students are eligible for Adobe Student License pricing for personal use through the Syracuse University Bookstore.




Students should contact the SU Bookstore at

SU Faculty and staff should contact your distributed staff personnel.  A current listing can be found here:

DSP's can contact the ITS Business Office at