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Category: Database

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Vendor Information

Vendor: Filemaker
Software website:

License Information

Current version: 13
General OS support:
License renewal type: Annual
License effective dates: July 19th through July 18th


Product Use Rights

Terms of Use: FMI grants to Licensee a non-exclusive, perpetual, non-transferable license to make exact object code copies of the Software in the quantity indicated, and use and install each such copy of the Software on a single computer owned or leased by Licensee. If the Software is licensed at an education discount, then the Software may only be used by enrolled students, faculty, teachers and administrators at an accredited higher education institution organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of teaching its students.

Faculty/Staff Home Use: The primary user of the computer at work, may make a second copy of FileMaker software for thier exclusive use on either a home or portable computer. Note that only one such additional copy for either a home or portable computer may be made, not both. Only the primary user, and no one else, may use the copy of the FileMaker software installed on such second computer. Please note that these rights do not apply to students if the software is part of a volume license program ordered at an education discount. Further, these rights do not apply to FileMaker Server software.


Institutional Licenses for Faculty/Staff: ITS's volume license agreement provides discounted licenses to SU faculty and staff.  Licenses are limited to faculty and staff who purchase through the volume license program. Please contact your Distributed Staff Personnel if you are interested in participating in this discount program.

Student Licenses: Students can purchase educationally priced Filemaker products at


Students should contact Filemaker directly at

SU Faculty and staff should contact your distributed staff personnel.  A current listing can be found here:

DSP's looking for additional information can contact the ITS Business Office at