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Ghost Solution Suite

The Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is the industry’s most widely used enterprise imaging and deployment solution.

Category: Backup and recovery utility

Notes: None

Vendor Information

Vendor: LogiSoft
Software website:

License Information

Current version: Ghost Solution Suite 2.5
General OS support:
License renewal type: Annual
License effective dates: Two year contract from September 1st through August 30th of the second year


Product Use Rights

Terms of Use: A license is required for each PC benefiting from the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite software, not simply the number of host PC’s driving the imaging process. You may: (i) use the Software on one computer to clone, or apply an image of, a hard drive on that computer, or a portion thereof, to another hard drive on the same computer. You may make and use that number of copies of the Software licensed to you by Symantec as provided in your License Module on an equal number of individual computers pursuant to the terms of this license; (ii) use the Software on that same computer to create an image file of a hard drive on that computer and store the image file on removable media for disaster recovery purposes; (iii) use the Software to create a boot disk as described in the documentation for reapplying the hard drive image that was created for disaster recovery purposes to the hard drive on that same computer; or (iv) use the Software to clone a hard drive from that same computer to a replacement computer, in the manner described in the software documentation, and to use the Software on the replacement computer provided that the Software has been removed from the original computer.

Faculty/Staff Home Use: Home use rights are not included with Symantec Ghost Solution Suite.


Institutional licenses for Faculty/Staff: ITS currently has a 2000 seat license. License costs are currently shared by multiple departments and are limited to employees of participating departments. Departments interested in the Ghost Solution Suite and sharing in the cost are encouraged to contact their distributed staff personnel for more information.

Student Licenses: Student licenses are not available for Symantec Ghost Solution Suite.





SU Faculty and staff should contact your distributed staff personnel.  A current listing can be found here:

DSP's can contact the ITS Business Office at