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Microsoft Windows 10

Windows delivers the best computing environment for education, with the personal experiences that students and teachers love, and the management tools that administrators need so that everyone is ready for class.

Category: Business

Notes: None

Vendor Information

Vendor: Dell
Software website:

License Information

Current version: 10
General OS support:
License renewal type: Annual
License effective dates: October 1st through September 30th

Product Use Rights

Terms of Use: Windows 10 Education is available for free to current students as a benefit of the University's Enrollment for Education Solutions Agreement and allows installation of the full Windows 10 Education operating system on personal computers for free.

Faculty/Staff Home Use: Faculty/staff are not eligible for this offer.


Windows 10 Education is available to current students at no cost and can be ordered through Microsoft's online fulfillment partner, Kivuto. A link to the ordering site and step by step ordering instructions can be found here:


Students should contact Kivuto directly at

SU Faculty and staff should contact your distributed staff personnel.  A current listing can be found here:

DSP's looking for additional information can contact the ITS Business Office at