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Internet media content delivery now online at SU

Oct 2, 2012 2:03 PM

LTN's SmartCloud connects SU to news services worldwide

ITS has contracted with LTN Global Communications for media content delivery over the Internet. This enables SU to quickly share high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) content produced on campus with news services and other organizations anywhere in the world, at less cost than that of the previous satellite uplink system.

Since 1987 Syracuse University has provided broadcast feeds to television networks and other news services by transmitting video content through a satellite uplink managed by ITS’s Learning Environments group. Typically, content originated as a tape feed, or from a single-camera studio production. The uplink connected Syracuse University to broadcast news operations worldwide. Upgrading SU’s satellite system to support the industry transition to HD video would have required a significant investment.

ITS’s Learning Environments group investigated alternatives. The LTN Global SmartCloud solution was chosen for its ability to deliver to professional broadcasters HD and SD video content globally and cost effectively. The LTN system offers IP video transport for less than 20% of the cost of upgrading the satellite uplink system.

LTN’s SmartCloud utilizes a highly redundant and controlled network, designed specifically to provide media content from any place to any number of locations around the world, and provides a unique service that meets stringent performance standards.

Service Details

SmartCloud utilizes the LTN network, which connects local LTN appliances installed at every network endpoint for stream transport (both source and destinations). Here at SU two network appliances and a switch are installed in Machinery Hall and share a virtual LAN through the entire campus network. These appliances connect to the Internet edge and are remotely monitored and managed on a 24/7 basis by LTN Global Communications.LTN Diagram

SU’s LTN appliances receive media content via a dedicated encoder in the Kramer Studio in Electronic Media Communications office in Newhouse I. There, a single HD camera with embedded audio will connect to the encoder with a serial digital interface (SDI). The Fujitsu IP-900 HD/SD encoder utilizes advanced H.264 encoding for bandwidth efficient real-time transmission of digital media content over the IP network. A second encoder has been configured and implemented as a backup, and for use at remote locations around the SU campus as needed.

Special thanks to June Szymanski for her help with LTN contracts, Chris Croad for his help with network security issues and Ron Bunal for the installation and management of the of the LTN appliances on the SU network.

For more information about, or to arrange to use SU’s new LTN Global Smartcloud IP video transport service, contact Learning Environments at x4001.

Article by: Christopher Finkle

Contact Information: ITS Service Center,, (315) 443-2677


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