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More than voice mail, new system enables unified messaging  

SU’s CallXpress® unified messaging system is designed to provide you with convenient access to your voicemail messages whether you are at your desk or calling in over the telephone. It sets the stage at SU for unified messaging and other communication services in the future. In order to use CallXpress you will need to initialize your new voice mailbox. Initialization will take only a few minutes.

There are a few things about CallXpress that should be kept in mind:

  • You must initialize your CallXpress voice mailbox before you can use the system.
  • Voice mailbox extensions are now 5-digits.
  • Keypad navigation will change to enable full access to system features. A Quick Reference Guide is available

To get started using CallXpress please click here.

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CallXpress FAQ
Getting Started with CallXpress
Quick Reference Guide
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