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NameConnector Service

What is NameConnector?

Syracuse University uses a speech attendant system called "Name Connector" to assist callers to connect to campus extensions.  When you call the University’s main information number, 315-443-1870, or if you press “0” on a University phone, you are asked to say the first and last name of the faculty, staff person, or the name of the department that you would like to reach.  If the NameConnector has a problem identifying the party, or if you say “operator”, you will be transferred to a University operator who will further assist you.

To use NameConnector

Call the University’s main information number, 315-443-1870, or press “0” on a University phone.

Caller Hints and FAQs

Caller Hints

Say only the first and last name

Speak naturally.
It is not necessary to insert pauses between words
Speak clearly and directly into telephone handset
A radio or using a speakerphone can cause interference.  Be aware of background noise which may affect response time and recognition accuracy. 

Cancel and repeat a name that the NameConnector does not recognize.
Press the asterisk (*) or say “cancel” to cancel and say the name you want again.

Call Transferring:
Trying to transfer a caller somewhere but don’t know the number? No problem!  Just hit your call transfer key, dial 0 and ask for the person/dept, then continue transferring the call as normal.  No need to look at a directory.

Report a problem or ask questions.
Say “problem report line” to be transferred to the NameConnector problem report line.


Is my name included in the NameConnector?
All University employees are registered in the NameConnector.
 To verify pronunciation of your name

  • Dial 0 from campus phone
  • Ask for yourself
  • If not correct, immediately press * and ask for problem report line
  • Record the correct pronunciation.

The system recognizes my formal name but most people know me as “X”.
Telecom can add an alternate name for you.  Just send an email request to

How do I change the telephone number for myself in the NameConnector?
Calls directed to you are directed to the telephone number listed for you in My Slice. 
If you want to verify your telephone number or change it,

  • Login to MySlice
  • Go to Personal Services
  • View/Update Phone Numbers
  • Under “Phone Type” Select “Business” from the drop down menu
  • Be sure the telephone number listed is your campus number, beginning with 315-443-XXXX
  • Click on SAVE

Allow up to 2 days for the change to take place

Does this system replace the University Operator?
No, we will continue to have University operators.  This is an enhancement to the University information center.

What if two or more people have the same name?
The system will give you a choice with additional information “tiebreaker” for you to choose the correct person. Example:
There is more than one listing for John Smith.  Please say John Smith, Chemistry, John Smith Engineering.”

What if our Department is not found in the Name Connector?
Call into the Name Connector by pressing 0 on your telephone keypad.  Once connected ask for Problem Report line.  You will be transferred into a voice mail box where you can give us the information that needs to be added. Please leave your name and telephone number for follow up information, if needed.  This is updated daily.

I really don’t want to listen to the instructions when calling into Name Connector, what can I do?
You can barge in!   No need to wait until the end of the prompt…Just barge in or press the * key to hear…Name please

Can I call the Name Connector from off of campus? 
Yes, simply dial (315) 443-1870 to get connected.