Information Technology and Services

Lan Line Services

Students can subscribe to land-line telephone service in their residence-hall rooms.  The service is provided by Verizon. The fee for this service covers local calls, on-campus calls, toll-free, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, speed calling, call trace, and emergency dialing.

Not Provided: Direct-dial, long-distance service is not provided, but students can use prepaid phone cards or other long distance services that provide toll-free access.

Students will need to bring their own telephone to plug into the phone jack in their room.  Cordless phones that operate at 2.4GHz are not recommended, as they may interfere with other wireless technologies.

Costs for this service are as follows:

1) Installation fee: $75.00 charged through student Bursar accounts. The installation fee is room-specific.  An additional fee will be charged for room changes that are requested by the student. This is a non-refundable fee.

2) Semester fee: $70.00 charged through student Bursar accounts.

To sign up for land line service in your campus room email or fill out this online form.

Voice mail: Students who subscribe to land-line telephone services can receive voice mail at no additional charge. Students who subscribe to the service can also request voice mailboxes for their roommates at no additional charge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only one phone line may be installed in each residence-hall room. It is the responsibility of the students who subscribe to the service to make arrangements with their roommates regarding phone usage and subscription fees.

Phone service repairs: Phone-service problems can be reported as follows:

1) Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.:  Dial “0” from any campus phone or 443-4730 to report a service problem.

2) Evenings and weekends: Report service problems directly to Verizon at 866-846-0117.

External Telecommunications Services: Students are not permitted to bill any type of services to their land-line phone number. Examples of such services that are not permitted to be billed to student phones include internet services, calling cards, pagers, psychic hotlines, etc.

Should any of these unauthorized charges appear on the student phone line account, the student will be billed both the external charges as well as a $25 processing fee. These charges will be billed to the student's Bursar account.