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Student Telecommunication and Network Services

Syracuse University offers a broad range of telecommunication and network services for students living in residence halls.  The services include high-speed Internet services (wired and wireless networks) and cable television services. University costs for providing the services are paid for through the student communications fee of $220 per semester, which is charged to student Bursar accounts.

High-speed Internet services:

ResNET wired network : This service provides a direct network/Internet connection (via an Ethernet cable) in residence hall rooms. 

AirOrangeX wireless network : This service provides a direct network/Internet connection (via wireless access points) in all residence halls and South Campus apartments, as well in many locations on and off campus.

Television services:

Cable Television : Standard service is provided by Time Warner in all SU residential facilities. Students need to bring their own television and coaxial cable. Time Warner representatives are also available on campus during Opening Week.

Telephone services:

Cellular phone services: The vast majority of SU students use cellular services for their telephone needs. AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile are among the cellular phone carriers that provide service in the Syracuse area. For further information on cellular discounts for students click here.

Residence-hall courtesy phones: There is a courtesy phone located in the lobbby of each residence hall. The phones can be used to reach emergency services)711,/911), to dial campus phone numbers (those that begin with 443/442) and for local calls within the Syracuse calling area. The courtesy phones can also be used with calling cards or toll-free numbers to place long-distance calls. Courtesy phones are not available in South Campus apartments.

Telephone subscription services: Students can subscribe to land-line phone service in their residence hall rooms. Students need to bring their own phone. For subscription information, click here.

Long-distance telephone services: SU students can use prepaid phone cards or other toll-free options to make long-distance phone calls from residence-hall courtesy phones.

For Dialing Instructions click here. Country codes can be found here.