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Get the most out of SU's wireless network!

To take full advantage of AirOrangeX, the preferred wireless network at Syracuse University, you will want to pay attention to what wireless adapter is used on your client device.  With tablets, smartphones, and new Apple laptops, you may not have a lot of choice.  But for Windows laptops or mobile devices that do have wireless options, make sure that you invest in an 802.11ac adapter, if possible. If 802.11ac is not an option, then look for a dual-band 802.11n offering that supports 802.11n in both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz.  When ordering laptops from manufacturer sites, look for upgrade options if needed to get 11ac or dual-band 11n.  This is money well-spent for the increased performance these technologies give.

AirOrangeX supports these standards, at varying speeds and throughputs:

  • 802.11ac
  • 802.11n
  • 802.11g
  • 802.11a

Please note - 802.11b IS NOT supported on campus.  Also, any device that will be used on AirOrangeX MUST support 802.1x authentication and WPA2 Enterprise encryption.  ITS does not support pre-shared passwords or any other consumer-grade security options.

Wireless Locations/Hotspots

AirOrangeX at SU

  • AirOrangeX is a free service available to Syracuse University faculty, staff, students.  We also provide guest Wi-Fi for University guests and campus visitors.
  • All residence halls have 100% wireless coverage.
  • Our Campus has 100% wireless coverage in most locations, please check below for coverage by building.
  • The campus standard is 802.11n, but we are also rolling out 802.11ac. 
  • Please send email to Peter Morrissey at if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

AirOrangeX: Public Campus, Academic and Administrative Areas

The symbol 80211N-ready indicates 802.11ac coverage.

106 Walnut: See maps:  80211N-ready   106 Walnut 1st Floor   106 Walnut 2nd Floor   106 Walnut Basement   
109 Otisco St.: 100% coverage   
111 Waverly: 100% coverage   
113 Euclid: 100% coverage   
119 Euclid: 100% coverage   
1320 Jamesville Ave: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
230 Euclid: 100% Coverage   
310 Walnut: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
400 Ostrom: See maps:    400 Ostrom 1st Floor   400 Ostrom 2nd Floor   400 Ostrom Basement   
401 South Salina St.: 100% coverage   
426 Ostrom: 100% Coverage 80211N-ready   
621 Skytop Road (ISR): 100% Coverage 80211N-ready   
706 Comstock: 100% coverage   
716 East Washington St.: 100% coverage   
750 Ostrom: 100% coverage   
754 Ostrom: 100% coverage   
804 University Ave: 100% coverage   
Archbold: 100% Coverage   
Art Education: See maps:    Art Education 1st Floor   
Bird Library: 100% coverage hotspot (except special collections area, 6th floor)   
Bird Library Outside Benches: Outdoor hotspot   
Bowne Hall: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center: 100% coverage   
Carnegie: See maps:  80211N-ready   Carnegie 1st Floor   Carnegie 2nd Floor   Carnegie 3rd Floor   Carnegie 4th Floor   
Carriage House: 100% Coverage   
Carrier Dome: All gates and adjacent areas hotspot   Dome Level 0   Dome Level 1   Dome Level 2   
Catholic Center: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Center of Excellence: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
ComArt: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Commissary: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Community Folk Art Gallery: 100% coverage   
Crouse College: 100% coverage    
Crouse Hinds: See maps:    Crouse Hinds 1st Floor   Crouse Hinds 2nd Floor   Crouse Hinds 3rd Floor   Crouse Hinds 4th Floor   Crouse Hinds 5th Floor   Crouse Hinds 6th Floor   Crouse Hinds 7th Floor   Crouse Hinds Ground Floor   
Center for Science & Technology (CST): 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Dineen Hall: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Drumlins The Farmhouse 1: 100% Coverage   
Drumlins The Farmhouse 2: 100% Coverage   
Eggers Hall: 100% Coverage   
Faculty Center: 100% Coverage 80211N-ready   
Falk College: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Falk College Courtyard: Outdoor hotspot  80211N-ready   
Fisher Center: 100% coverage   
Flanagan Gym: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Goldberg Couple and Family Therapy Center at 1045 James St.: 100% coverage   
Goldstein Student Center: See maps:  80211N-ready   Goldstein Level 1   Goldstein Level 2   
Green Data Center: 100% Coverage 80211N-ready   
Greenberg House: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Haft Hall: See maps:    Haft 1st Floor   Haft 2nd Floor   Haft Basement   
Hall of Languages: 100% coverage   
Hall of Languages Courtyard: Outdoor hotspot   
HBC: 100% coverage   
Health Center Courtyard: Outdoor hotspot   
Hendricks Chapel: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Heroy: 100% Coverage   
Hillel: 100% coverage   
Hinds Hall: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Hinds Hall Courtyard: Outdoor hotspot   
Holden Observatory: 100% Coverage   
Hoople: 100% coverage   
Huntington Hall: 100% coverage   
Huntington Hall Courtyard: See maps:   
Inn Complete: 100% coverage   
Life Sciences Building: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Link Hall: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Lubin House: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Lyman Smith Yards - Outdoor-area: Public Area Outdoor   Lyman and Smith Yards   
Lyman Hall: See maps:    Lyman 1st Floor   Lyman 2nd Floor   Lyman 3rd Floor   Lyman 4th Floor   Lyman Basement   
Machinery Hall: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Manley : 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Manley North Parking Area: Public Area Outdoor Hotspot   
Manley South Parking Lot, Coyne Field Soccer Stadium and Bleachers: Public Area Outdoor Hotspot   
Marshall Square Mall: See maps:   Marshall Square Mall 1st Floor   Marshall Square Mall 2nd Floor   
Maxwell Hall: 100% Coverage   
Maxwell-in-Washington: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Newhouse I: 100% coverage   
Newhouse II: 100% coverage   
Newhouse III: 100% coverage   
OrangeGrove: Outdoor hotspot   
Physical Plant: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Physics: 100% coverage   
Promenade: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Quad: 100% coverage   
Schine Student Center: See maps:   Schine Student Center 1st Floor   Schine Student Center 2nd Floor   Schine Student Center 3rd Floor   Schine Student Center Jabberwocky   
Schine Student Center hotspots: Atrium, Basement, Dining Center and Panasci Lounge   
Shaffer: 100% coverage   
Shaffer Art Sculpture Court: 100% coverage   
Sims Hall: See maps:   Sims Hall 1st Floor   Sims Hall 2nd Floor   Sims Hall 3rd Floor   Sims Hall 4th Floor   Sims Hall Basement   
Skybarn: 100% Coverage   
Skytop: See maps: 80211N-ready   Skytop 1st Floor   Skytop 2nd Floor   
Skytop Parking Area: Public Area Outdoor Hotspot   
Slocum Hall: 100% coverage   
Smith Hall: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Steele Hall: 100% coverage   
SU in Florence: 100% coverage   
SU in Los Angeles: 100% coverage   
SU in London (SULP) Faraday House: 100% coverage   
Syracuse Stage: 100% coverage   
Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Tolley: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
University College: 100% coverage   
Warehouse: 100% coverage   
Waverly Parking Lot: Public Area Outdoor Hotspot   
Whitman School of Management: 100% coverage 80211N-ready   
Womens Building: 100% coverage   

AirOrangeX: Residence Halls

The symbol 80211N-ready indicates 802.11ac coverage.

Booth Hall: 100% coverage   
Brewster-Boland Patio: Outdoor hotspot   
Brewster/Boland/Brockway Halls: 100% coverage   80211N-ready 
Day Hall: 100% coverage   80211N-ready 
Dellplain Hall: 100% coverage   
DellPlain Patio: Outdoor hotspot   
Ernie Davis Hall: 100% coverage   
Flint Hall: 100% coverage   
Graham Dining: 100% coverage   80211N-ready 
Haven Hall: 100% coverage   
Kimmel Courtyard: Outdoor hotspot   
Kimmel Hall: 100% coverage   80211N-ready 
Lawrinson Hall: 100% coverage   
Marion Courtyard: Outdoor hotspot   
Marion Hall: 100% coverage   80211N-ready 
Oren Lyons Hall: 100% coverage   
Sadler Hall: 100% coverage   
Shaw Hall: 100% coverage   
Skyhall I: 100% coverage   
Skyhall II: 100% coverage   
Skyhall III: 100% coverage   
South Campus residences: 100% coverage   
Walnut Hall: 100% coverage   
Washington Arms: 100% coverage   80211N-ready 
Watson Courtyard: Outdoor hotspot   
Watson Hall: 100% coverage