Enterprise Technology Group

What We Do

Enterprise Technology Group (ETG) provides support for the University’s Enterprise Data resources and applications.  This includes MyReports (aka Hyperion Interactive Reporting), SU Analytics, Blackbaud CRM (aka “CITRUS”) and the Listserv application.

The Enterprise Technology Group at Syracuse University is founded on the concepts of providing secure, efficient, and comprehensive support for our enterprise data and applications. The ETG team performs data architecture, data analytics, Extract Transform and Load (ETL) development, data warehouse creation, ETL job scheduling and monitoring, report and dashboard development, data security, and application support for numerous enterprise technologies.

The University’s Enterprise Data Warehouse includes data from numerous applications at the University, including admissions, student records, financial aid, budget, payroll, financials, development and many more. Users can access the Data Warehouse through University’s portal called MySlice via a link in the Administrative application pagelet called MyReports.

Director: Erik Anderson, dw@ot.syr.edu, (315) 443-9680


Data Warehouse

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