Welcome, New Students!

Syracuse University's Information Technology Services (ITS) is dedicated to helping you start your computing experience at Syracuse University and providing access to our wide range of computing services and facilities. The steps outlined on this page will guide you from your application through arriving on campus and beyond!

ITS also provides students with a variety of support options, including online support information, phone support, and walk-in services in the ITS Service Center.

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Information As You Arrive On Campus

Living on campus or just arriving? Note the following residence hall and campus technology information!

Getting Connected

Please review the ITS Getting Connected webpage to properly connect to networks and IT resources.

Once you are in your room, note the following:

  • Connect computers, Android, and iOS devices to AirOrangeX. Full instructions are available at answers.syr.edu/aox.
  • Connect all other devices in your residence hall to Gadgets&Games.
  • Students living in the Sheraton see our Connecting at the Sheraton page.
  • Wired Ethernet is available in each room. Look for the "2TB" label for active ports.
  • Connect your TV to the coaxial port and run a channel scan ensuring it is set to CATV or cable. Cable TV information is available at its.syr.edu/cableTV.
  • Watch live TV from any browser at watch.spectrum.net. Android, iOS, and Roku apps are also available. Just be sure your device is on a University network.
  • Visit maps.syracuse.edu for an interactive map including locating buildings and computer labs.
  • More details about technology in the residence halls is available on our Campus Living Answers page.

Getting Support

Need help after you move in? If you haven't looked, check the Getting Connected handout.

Here's how you can get help:

Here are some key technology resources:

Key Technology Steps for New Students

What To Do After You Apply

  • Activate Your NetID - Access to the University's computing network and services is controlled by the NetID and passwordYou should activate your NetID as soon as possible. Management of your NetID and password is performed on the NetID self-service page.
  • Get to Know MySlice - MySlice is SU's online portal to critical information and resources for applicants, students, parents, faculty, and staff. Note that your login credentials are your newly acquired NetID and password.
  • Manage Parent/Proxy Accounts - You may be required to have a parent or guardian perform tasks in MySlice such as complete a parent e-signature or make a payment. Following the steps found in Answers to share your MySlice access with a parent or guardian.
  • Use Our New Student Checklist - New students can download the New Student Checklist for offline reference for key information about technology on and off campus.

What To Do After Acceptance Prior to Arriving or Beginning Classes

What To Do When You Arrive If You Are Living On Campus

  • Review ITS Publications - ITS will be sending additional information about your resources prior to your arrival via email. This email will provide additional information to assists with getting connected to SU networks, the Internet, cable TV and a wide array of computing and IT services at SU.
  • Learn About Campus-Living - Find information technology resources and information related to students living in the Syracuse University residence halls or simply on-campus on the Campus Living information page.
  • Connect to SU's Network - If you need to go beyond the IT'S Connected publication, find the step by step instructions for connecting your device to the SU networks on our Networks home page. ITS support personnel will be walking around the residence halls as you arrive on campus, but don't hesitate to request help.
  • Cable and Phone Services - Standard service is provided by Spectrum in all SU residential facilities. Visit the telecommunications student services page for details about cable and telephone services.

Need Help? If you'd like assistance with any of the topics above, or any IT related issue, do not hesitate to request helpITS consultants are available also available all year long in the ITS Service Center by phone at (315) 443-2677, and by email at help@syr.edu. You can also search SU's knowledge base, Answers.

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