Information Technology and Services

ITS Service Center Services

Information Technology and Services (ITS) operates a walk-in computing service center on the Syracuse University campus in the room 1-227 Center for Science & Technology/ Life Sciences Building complex on North Campus.

ITS Student Computing Support Services provides computing support and repair services for desktop or laptop computers running the following:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Vista
  • Windows XP with SP3
  • Macintosh OS X - Snow Leopard (10.6 or higher)

Students with computers running Linux operating systems must obtain support and repair services from private vendors.

ITS Student Computing Support Services provides consulting services for the following:
  • SU's high-speed wired network and Internet connection for students
  • AirOrangeX, SU's wireless network
  • SU student e-mail
  • ITS computer labs
  • Recommended Antivirus
  • MySlice
  • NetID and password

ITS Student Computing Support Services DOES NOT provide consulting services for the following:

  • Digital cameras
  • Apple iPod and Windows MP3 players
  • Game Consoles, internet TVs, or other similar internet-capable non-computing devices
  • Personal Web page support
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Computers running Linux operating systems

Available Services

  • AirOrangeX wireless configuration: ITS consultants will help students configure their computers for AirOrangeX and troubleshoot any other network connection problems students are experiencing. This is a free service.
  • Click here to configure your device for AirOrangeX (including iPhone, iPod Touch, PDAs and Linux)
  • Account management stations: Students can use the stations to activate and/or reset NetIDs and passwords.
  • FreshStart: ITS computer technicians will completely erase the computer's hard drive, reformat it, and re-install the operating system with up-to-date patches. Students must bring in their original system CDs and Product Key. FreshStart is available for Windows and Macintosh OS X. SU laptop computers bought at the Bookstore will be restored to the original condition. The FreshStart fee is $34.95 (plus tax).
  • Microsoft Office File Recovery: Technicians will make an effort to recover Microsoft Office files, although successful recovery of files is not guaranteed. The Microsoft Office File Recovery fee is $34.95 (plus tax).
  • Microsoft Office Installation: Technicians will install Microsoft Office. Students must bring in the original Microsoft Office Suite CD and Product Key. The Microsoft Office Installation fee is $34.95 (plus tax).
  • Troubleshooting Service: Technicians will spend up to two hours in an effort to rid a computer of spyware and/or teach students how to prevent infections, troubleshoot and correct other problems, and assist with printer installations. Note: The Troubleshooting Service may not resolve the problem. In those cases, FreshStart will be recommended. The Troubleshooting Service fee is $34.95 (plus tax).