Information Technology and Services

Our Strategic Directions

Creating a connected digital commons
Syracuse University's computing network is a critical component in the creation of an engaged campus where students, faculty, and staff can easily connect and share information with each other and the world. We must improve our network to enable information to be more easily stored and transported anytime and anyplace in a variety of formats, including voice, analog, digital, video, words, music, art, and numbers.

Enhancing learning outcomes
Students and faculty require a computing environment and tool-set that enhances the learning experience in and beyond the classroom, the campus, and the world. ITS will make creative and innovative use of technology in learning spaces, deliver tools to better support faculty and student interaction, and design and implement assessment systems to evaluate and improve learning outcomes at the candidate (i.e. student), program, and unit levels.

Leveraging and enhancing our information assets
Collecting, processing, and presenting data in an easily understood and comprehensive fashion is critical to effective decision making. ITS will work with the SU community to identify and implement more efficient and flexible ways to deliver information anytime and anyplace.

Improving our computing environment and storage technologies
Our technical foundation must be rock solid, well integrated, cost-effective and secure, while enabling students, faculty, and staff to access data and resources that foster creativity, collaboration, and grass-roots innovation.

Protecting the University's networked resources
The march toward hyper-connectivity of devices and individuals through the open Internet has introduced serious security threats to the privacy and integrity of University information and information systems. The University's IT community will collaborate to develop new security standards and implement best practices to protect one of the University's most valuable assets - its data.

Promoting operational efficiency
This strategic direction involves examining and improving ITS operating processes to make all of our technology services transparent to our clients and to better manage technology as a critical SU business resource.

Re-engaging the research community
Twenty-first century research requires high-powered computing resources and high-speed networks that can support the management and exchange of large amounts of data among research teams whose members may be located any where in the world. Providing these advanced network and computational resources requires forging new partnerships both within and outside of SU's research community. ITS must work cooperatively with SU's research community to support current and future scientific discoveries by developing effective strategies that enable SU to take full advantage of an emerging, global cyber-infrastructure.

Building new opportunities for collaboration
SU will become a model of effective inter-disciplinary, community, and global collaboration by creating a new era of cooperative technology deployment and support that will enable us to more efficiently manage the considerable, ongoing investment in information technology at SU. ITS will take a leadership role in looking for ways to bring stakeholders together to identify and deploy technologies that eliminate barriers of distance and time and effectively empower the University community to meet their shared and individual goals.