Information Technology and Services

Network Design and Development (NDD)

What We Do

Network Design and Development (NDD) is responsible for the design of the infrastructure of the campus network. This includes monitoring and maintaining it, as well as reacting to changes in the network due to equipment failure or environmental hazards out of our control.

It has been a goal of NDD to build in reliability and redundancy into the network so that unforseen circumstances and equipment failure have little to no impact where ever possible.

NDD is responsible for DNS and DHCP services for the entire campus. NDD is also responsible for the administration of the wireless network across campus, as well as the NAC system which enables students, faculty and staff to connect wireless computers across campus. The integrity and dependability of these services are critical to the entire Campus Network.

Below, you can find information on topics that may be of interest if your position requires you to deal with network issues for your department or organization.

Please feel free to contact our department for any assistance or advice you may need regarding networks on Campus.