ITS Phish Bowl

Criminals use malicious email to try to trick you into revealing your password or other sensitive information or to infect your computer with malware. These phishers sometimes try to make their emails look real by using companies’ or institutions’ logos, fonts and colors. Urgent demands also are common (for example, “Reply with your password within 24 hours or your account will be closed!”). You can learn more about identifying phishing emails on Answers. You also can follow ITS on Instagram for phishing scam alerts.

The following phishing emails have recently circulated throughout the Syracuse University community. If you have received them, please delete them.


Good Morning.

Let me know if you are free this morning.

I will be going on a conference call this morning and i will need your assistance in getting a task done.


Reported to ITS: May 16, 2022

SUBJECT: Attention!!!

We received a request from you to terminate your Office 365 email. And this process has begun by our administrator.

If you did not authorize this action and you have no knowledge of it, you are advised to verify your account. CLICK HERE TO VERIFY.

Please give us 24 hours to terminate your account OR verifying your account

Failure to Verify will result in closure of your account.

Reported to ITS: April 24, 2022

SUBJECT: Job Placement & Student Welfare

Work at your convenience and earn $400 weekly (Copy and paste the URL Below into the address bar of your web browser for more details.)

Thank You

Reported to ITS: April 4, 2022

SUBJECT: Employment Opportunity for current Students

Employment Opportunity for current Students, it is an opportunity to earn $400 weekly. The job is exciting

Copy and paste the URL Below into the address bar of your web browser for more details

Reported to ITS: March 2, 2022

SUBJECT: Kindly indicate!!!

We notice that your office 365 has two info different logins with two universities portals. Kindly indicate the two info logins as soon as possible. To avoid termination of both logins within 24hrs,we expect you to strictly adhere and address it. You are advised to keep the same password using the below button to avoid losing your data.

Reported to ITS: March 2, 2022

SUBJECT: Part-Time job!

I am sharing job opportunity information to students and staff who might be interested in a paid UNICEF Part-Time job with a weekly pay of $500.00 (USD).

Attached is further information about the employment schedule, if interested, kindly contact Dr. Dennis Nicholas with your alternate non-educational email address I.e., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.) for details of employment.

N.B , this is strictly a work from home position.

Academic Career Opportunity

Reported to ITS: February 17, 2022


Your mailbox storage has reached 98% on the email server. Visit Outlook Storage Access Page to adjust your Mailbox storage.

Note: To access your Outlook account for upgrade a notification call will come through your phone, Answer the call and then press 1.

Warm Regards,
Webmail Administrator

Reported to ITS: February 17, 2022