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What to do after you apply to SU


Activate your NetID

Access to the University's computing network and services is controlled by the NetID and password. You should activate your NetID as soon as possible.


Access your SU email account

Official email accounts for students are established in a system called SUmail. Check your SUmail regularly and often.

What to do before or after you arrive on campus


Computing Needs

All of SU's schools and colleges strongly recommend that students bring a computer to campus.


Computing Protection

Antivirus software is required for all computers connected to Syracuse University's wired or wireless network.

Cable TV

Cable Television

Standard service is provided in all SU residential facilities, and premium services are offered at additional cost.



Several phone options are available at SU.

What to do when you arrive on campus

Welcome packet

Check out the IT'S Connected publication

When students check into their residence halls each will receive this colorful publication that helps them get connected to SU networks, the Internet, Time Warner cable TV and a wide array of computing and IT services at SU.


Connect to the SU network

AirOrangeX, the campus wireless network, is available in all residence halls and across campus. SU's wired network is also available in all campus residence halls.

SU Network User Responsibilities

SU Network User Responsibilities

Students who use the Syracuse University network are responsible for reading and understanding the University's Information Technology policies.

Music downloads

File Sharing at Syracuse University

Using your computer to download or share copyrighted materials such as music, videos, movies, and games without permission from the copyright owner is illegal, has cost SU students thousands of dollars in civil penalties, and violates SU policy.

Social Media Protection

Protecting Yourself and Your Reputation on the Internet

Advice for using social media and online services.

Other helpful information


How to get help

ITS provides students who live on and off-campus with Answers Knowledge Base, phone support at (315) 443-2677, and walk-in services.

Computer labs

Computer labs

Students have access to a number of computer labs on campus equipped with the latest software technologies used in academic coursework. See computer labs maintained by ITS.



All public computer labs are equipped with at least one printer. Special printing services are also available at convenient locations on campus. Visit the ITS Public Lab Printing Web page.

Class registration

Class registration

SU students use their NetID and password to access MySlice, where they can register for classes and update certain records. Visit the Registrar’s site for information on student records and services.



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