Software and Soft Skills: ITS Service Center Students Learn on the Job

By: Gillian Follett, ’22

The ITS Service Center offers technology-related support to the Syracuse University community. But for the student employees who work there, the center provides an equally valuable service — the opportunity to hone their professional and interpersonal skills.

“I’ve learned such a wide variety of skills,” said lead consultant Lisa Pugh, a senior information management and technology major. “Not just hard technical skills, but also professionalism and how to really deal with people from all different technology backgrounds.” Continue Reading

Syracuse University Esports Club Unites Student Gamers

By: Gillian Follett, ’22

For many students at Syracuse University, esports is more than just a hobby — it’s part of their identity.

To connect students who share a passion for esports — or video games in general — a group of students established Esports at SU, a club sports team, in 2018. Since then, the club has provided opportunities for students to come together and play competitively or just for fun. Continue Reading